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Northern Alliance is a (mostly) European paintball coalition founded in 2013 for the purpose of maximizing fun and attendance at big games. Born in the strong bonds of love for paintball and love for beer.

Northern Alliance is a group of players from all over the world who met at EBG Mahlwinkel in 2012, but has been growing ever since. The team now has over a hundred members which makes us the biggest scenario team in europe. This was especially noticed at Euro Big Game 2014 where we took the field by storm.


Any teams or individuals looking to join up with us, let us know. We expect to organize annually for the spring event at Mahlwinkel and may use our resources to organize trips to other big games in Europe and abroad. Likewise, contact us if you are an organizer or General and are interested in getting some of the N.A. to attend.

Contact by

Email: northernalliancepb@gmail.com